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Anesthesia and Sedation for Dentistry

The ability to provide mild sedation, moderation sedation, or even general anesthesia inan outpatient dental office increases access to care for an increasingly diverse patientpopulation. While a majority of the population can still receive routine dental care underlocal anesthesia, the growing complexity and length of certain dental procedures maywarrant the use of a more sophisticated level of anesthesia and analgesia.

Historically, the high costs associated with providing dental care in an operating roomsetting at a hospital precluded the use of advanced techniques in anesthesia fordentistry. Dentist anesthesiologists now bring what is currently an unsurpassed level ofsafe sedation and general anesthesia directly to a dental office at a lower cost. Thiseliminates the need to bring a large amount of dental equipment to the hospital and toperform the procedure on an uncomfortable operating room table as opposed to adental chair in the comfort of one's own office. With extensive knowledge in bothdentistry and anesthesiology, dentist anesthesiologists can specifically tailor the level ofanesthesia to meet the needs of both the patient and the dentist. For example, certainsteps in dental-surgical procedures require varying degrees of patient cooperation, suchas checking occlusion, taking impressions requiring soft tissue border molding, or takinga bite registration. A dentist anesthesiologist can anticipate these needs and adjust thedepth of anesthesia accordingly throughout the different stages of treatment, allowingfor a seamless operative experience. Improved efficiency translates into the ability tocomplete a treatment plan that would normally take multiple appointments in fewer oreven a single appointment.

Patients That Benefit from Dental Anesthesia

  •  Toddlers and children with rampant caries
  •  Patients with extensive dental treatments
  •  Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  •  Children with ADD or ADHD
  •  Patients on the autism spectrum
  •  Patients with a history of local anesthetic failure or “difficult to numb”
  •  Adults with tremor disorders like Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy
  •  People with developmental disabilities
  •  Individuals with psychiatric disorders who might injure themselves and the dental team during treatment
  •  Patients who avoid dental care because they are terrified


After viewing Dr. Kim’s schedule, please contact Dr. Kim via phone (253-394-4186) oremail (jinsoo.kimdds@yahoo.com) to schedule a treatment appointment for a patient.Dr. Kim will try to accommodate your schedule depending on his availability. Forpatients with a complicated medical history, please schedule with sufficient time in orderfor Dr. Kim to consult with the patient’s primary care physician or specialists.

Financial Information

Anesthesia is billed by an initial first hour followed by 15 minute units of tie. Patientscan be quoted for anesthesia services by estimating the treatment time in addition to 30minutes of induction and recovery. Please contact Dr. Kim for help in estimatinganesthesia fees.

Dr. Kim accepts Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover as well as checks andcash. Payment is due on the day of treatment.





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